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About Daniele Colombo

Born and raised in Milan (Italy) I got involved in photography since the age of 18. A camera has been a constant companion as I dived into other passions that made my life rich & full and define myself far beyond a totally different professional life in the background.

Sport: a keen mountaineer and alpine climber year round, hiking, mountain biking & climbing or ice climbing, cross country skiing & snowshoeing when the mountains turn white. And a diver too!

Travel: more than 70 countries visited so far, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, looking for landscapes, cultures & animals, I'm becoming more and more focused on targeted trips to see (and photograph) that particular subject, being it a huge pilgrimage in India or a Jaguar in Brazil.

Wildlife: proudly serving three lovable cats at home, I'm always ready to get wherever it takes to observe and photograph wildlife. Totally in love with any living being, my soul is blown away every time my eyes meet those of a wild creature.

Video making: a rather new thing to me, I find it more and more intriguing and challenging as it adds the beauty of movement to the typical elements of still photography.

Mongolia 2016-387.JPG
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